Why Both Teams Won the Jose Quintana Trade

The White Sox and Cubs recently pulled off an inter-league blockbuster we haven't seen in years. The 2 clubs have a history of interchanging good players, such as the Sox trading Sammy Sosa, and the Cubs trading World Series Champion Jon Garland across town. The Jose Quintana trade is the rare deal that appears to... Continue Reading →


Who’s Hot, Who’s Not: May 15th

James Gordon | May 15th, 2017 In the third edition of Who's Hot, Who's Not, there have been some major surprises.  The surprises have been some of the hottest hitters cooling off and falling way down in the standings, and some players, who many would never think to see on the hot list, making it... Continue Reading →

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not: May 8th

James Gordon | May 8th, 2017 It's been another week of baseball, and with that comes another edition of Who's Hot, Who's not. There have been a lot of risers and fallers in the past week, so some list-makers from last week will most likely not be part of this week's hot list, and the... Continue Reading →

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not: May 1st

James Gordon | Monday, May 1st, 2017 The month of April has ended, and we've now seen some very hot starts along with some very cold starts.  By now, some of those who started off hot have cooled down a little, while some of those who've gotten off to a slow start have quickly turned... Continue Reading →

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